ProGroom™ Everyday Shampoo formerly known as Pink is a gentle and effective soap-free shampoo formulated for general purpose use. It's great on all coat types and is easy to use. 



  • Good for all coat types from silky fine, coarse & curly to thick double coats
  • Gentle on skin, will not irritate or dry out skin. Safe for pets that are frequently bathed.
  • Maintains effectiveness when used in a recirculating bath system.
  • Easy rinsing, soap-free formula leaves no residue.
  • Fragrance - - Soft Spring. pH Balanced for safety and effectiveness.



  • Recommended dilution for hand bathing is 6:1.
  • Can safely be used direct from bottle on filthy paws or for spot cleaning.
  • In a recirculating bathing system or Hydrobath, start with a dilution of 30 ml product per 2 litres of shampoo.

Progroom Everyday Shampoo - Pink 500ml

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