The Faster & Easier Way to Condition

Save time with ProGroom's brand new Easy Rinse Conditioner which provides faster rinsing and drying time and leaves your pet smelling fresh for longer!

Easy Rinse hydrates and moisturises the coat with aloe-vera and ultra emollients, leaving it healthy and shiny.

With an ultra concentrated, easy flow formula, Easy Rinse is ideal for hydrobaths and automatic dog washes and is specifically designed to compliment ProGroom's Everyday Shampoo.


Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-concentrate = 15:1 for normal coats, up to 40:1 for light conditioning VS Rehydrating Conditioner dilution rate of 6:1
  • Easy flow formula = quicker application, rinsing & drying
  • Same popular Springtime fragrance as Everyday Shampoo and Pink Fragrance

Progroom Easy Rinse Conditioner 500ml

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